Embracing the NEW

I'm so happy to see last year gone and yet I'm so happy I had my year of healing.  2012 was a year of healing emotionally and physically.  We started last year by saying that we were going to embrace the path of being child-free.  Then I had one of my neck discs herniate while lifting other peoples luggage into the overhead bin.  I was forced to lay on the floor, on my back while adding ice and heat to try and heal the pain.

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Olympic Level Infertility

infertility isolation

Welcome to the final installment of comparing Olympics athletes to women going through infertility.  I have to admit that comparing the two and what they have to go through is an uncommon comparison, but it also might help others to see how committed we are as women to building our families.  It′s not that different of a commitment than an athlete training for the Olympics.   Part I and Part II explain lightly some of the similarities and today we will add a couple more and then differences.  

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Olympic Level Infertility II

Inspiration comes in many forms and in this blog series; I am comparing some of what an Olympic athlete goes through vs. what a woman Xperiences during infertility.  To refresh your memory here is the link to Part I.

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Olympic Level Infertility I

The Olympics are over now.  I was totally glued to my TIVO at night, watching the competitions and hearing some of the athletes stories of how they got where they are now.

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June Gloom

June is supposed to be an Xciting time, summer has began, all kinds of trips, fun adventures, and the sun beating into our souls fills us up.  This June for me, Not so much.

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Are You Ignoring Spring

April is all about spring, new beginnings, birth and rebirth. For those that are struggling with infertility, birthing, pregnancy is all we think about, that is the end goal. Please let me birth a baby. Let me Xperience growth inside of myself, let me feel the kicks, give me the back pain... anything is better than this hell of NOT having. This is the story we are stuck in, the story of NOT having. Here′s the secret and the harsh reality...

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Birth Hope Control

 A funny thing happened on my way to my late 30′s, I never considered my fertility an issue.  Probably because I was never in a situation to even think about it.

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Renee's Checklist

Since I live on an airplane most of the time as a flight attendant, I thought I would share what my process was in getting to where I′m at currently. Looking back, I really did treat my life as if it were a checklist. Have I done this, or tried that? CHECK

(This is the personal checklist that I checked off as I moved forward towards IVF)

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