The Bachelor's Final Rose

Do you ever feel like you are in your own Reality TV show while fighting infertility? Funny thing about reality shows; no one knows how they are going to turn out.  Maybe we are in our own reality TV show and someone forgot the cameras.  Each weeks fears and challenges bring into view how each person/contestants deals with the stressors and based on that, we either love them or love to hate them.   In your own IF journey, no one knows how it′s all going to turn out either.  We set out to win from the beginning.  How we deal with the stress of it all can become overwhelming and we may loose site that the journey is to be enjoyed.  This month I found a new reality series I′m sure you′ll want to be a part of. Please enjoy and laugh a little.

Written by Lauren Titus-deSilva. 
Welcome to a special edition of the Bachelor- after the final Embryo!

So as you all know, we started this season with many good eggs. There was Michael Leader, who thought he was the best from day one and grew bigger and faster than all the rest. The other eggs hated Michael, because he kept trying to push them away and take over. Then there was tiny little Sub City. She came in as a surprise addition late in the game, which of course the other eggs didn′t appreciate and think was fair. R.E. Follysnatcher thought it was worth giving 

her a fair shot, but in the end, size did matter, and she didn′t get selected. And who could forget Ivanna B. Fertilized? She was convinced that she was the one, and she started all sorts of drama. In the biggest shock of the season, also known as “the HCG incident,” Ivanna busted out of her follie so fast that she ended up in the fallopian tube of fun all by herself, with no suitable sperm or other eggs in site. We asked Ivanna for a comment afterward, and she stated that if she had to do it all over again, she wouldn′t change a thing- she was obviously too good for this whole process. 

Other than those already noted, we had those that got along, grew closer together, and just hung in there despite all the stress. There was Emma Eggbee, Frank Follie, Sarah Surge, and Manny Menopoor, all of whom made it through all the challenges without causing drama and without making the others boil. In the end, it came down to those four, and R.E Follysnatcher decided to retrieve them all. During the excursion to a small island in the Caribbean, Petree Dish, it became obvious that Emma and Manny were the real front-runners. They seemed to have met the sperm of their dreams, and they morphed into beautiful, happy little zygotes. In the few days that they remained on Petree Dish, they both “divided” their time and energy on the tasks at hand. 

So then it was onto the hometown date- the final test standing between Emma and Manny and many years of growing, learning, living and loving. Both were loaded into Catheter Airlines with a one-way, direct ticket to Uter, US. At first, both were so excited to be there, and they spent some time really getting to know the area. But it didn′t take too long for Manny to realize that he didn′t feel at home. He just didn′t find anything he could really latch onto. Emma, on the other hand, found Uter, US to be the most beautiful place she had ever been, and she instantly knew she could spend 9 months or so living and growing there. So she built a home there in Uter, in a little town called Endometriality, and as planned, she hung around for about 9 months before she finally had her coming out party, in her final destination of Reality. 

We wish Emma the best as she takes on all the challenges that life throws at her moving forward. But given her drive and determination, mixed with her patience and hard exterior, we know she will do just fine in the real world!

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