Embracing the NEW

I'm so happy to see last year gone and yet I'm so happy I had my year of healing.  2012 was a year of healing emotionally and physically.  We started last year by saying that we were going to embrace the path of being child-free.  Then I had one of my neck discs herniate while lifting other peoples luggage into the overhead bin.  I was forced to lay on the floor, on my back while adding ice and heat to try and heal the pain.

Healing takes time and for everyone it's different.  

Healing my heart, my dreams and the pain in my neck was last year.

This year, I am changed.  Hopefully for the better.  2013 is a NEW year, NEW dreams, and a new way of Being, (no longer lifting other peoples luggage.)  

We have built a new dream of becoming parents thru the Foster/Adoption process.  If you don't know what that is; it's where we become licensed foster parents with the intent of becoming the child's permanent adoptive parents.  This process can take a long time, and have many ups and downs, so healing our last adventure was key for us moving forward.  I find it interesting, that as I have changed to embracing our new dreams, some close friends are not as ready for that change.  Some are not ready for us to let go of the dream of having our own birth children.  I know that they need time to grieve their idea of what we should do or not do.

 I understand it is all in love for us, forgiveness is given.

The Dutchman and I are Xcited to start the application and homestudy process of becoming parents.  

Within Xtraordinary Fertility, I am starting this year inspiring and motivating fellow strong women with my monthly tele-class, support groups, and packages.  I'm Xcited to attend http://fertilityplanitshow.com/ in Lax, where I will be meeting couples with Infertility disease and other professionals who have a common passion of helping  these couples fight this disease.  It's the first time this kind of show has ever been put on and I'm Xcited to connect with like minded peeps.

That's already a full year plus some playing in the snow and sun along the way.

 What is NEW for you this year? Maybe you are on your same path, and maybe not.

 Either way, you have my support, love and whoohoo for this

NEW 2013 year to come.

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