Olympic Level Infertility I

The Olympics are over now.  I was totally glued to my TIVO at night, watching the competitions and hearing some of the athletes stories of how they got where they are now.

Only a few got a metal out of all the athletes that performed.  There were a few that took their loss with grace, dignity and great sportsmanship and others that we watched crumble under their lost dreams.  Maybe they will prepare to try again in another four years and maybe it′s time to hang up the towel and open the next chapter in life for them. As I watched I also kept thinking that there are a lot of personal qualities at work here that are similar to those Xperiencing Infertility.

Over the next couple of weeks I′ll Xplain some of the similarities that stood out for me between:

Athletes VS IF′ers (Infertiles):

1) Practice often.

Athletes must practice, practice, and practice.  That really means, that you are constantly failing, falling, and then getting back up with more knowledge of how not to make the same mistake and do it better. Plus they are totally dedicated to their sport.  Dedicated enough to move to another city with a coach that has proven results and enough to commit to the entire process of their sport.

As an IF′er, your journey starts out with having between 12 and 6 cycles fail depending on your age.  Each time you feel the disappointment of a failed cycle; you still get back up on the “horse” actually your partner and try again.  Each time you have educated yourself with some new information that may help increase your chances of success. That is dedication as well.  There are also some that are able to travel to other cities or countries or find the best Dr. with proven results that are in alignment with what the couple is seeking.  Whether that be the best donor program, the best quality sperm bank, the highest live birth rate, or maybe the most affordable IVF.

There′s also the practice of keeping your mindset balanced, while your hormones are jumping off the cliff into crazy lady land.  Learning how we deal with stress differently, may end up being a new skill to learn and practice.  Finding someone to be accountable to while you practice these new skills can bring you the validation, acknowledgement, encouragement and the motivation to keep going.  This is why you don′t often see an Olympic athlete without their coach.  They also know it′s essential to have their coach there to give them the feedback they need while they practice, practice, and practice.  Infertility is only different in that the coach is NOT in the room while you practice.


Watch for Part II Next week for more on the similarities of an Olympic athlete and women with Infertility.

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