My Wonderful Days

At home, writing blog...

Walking the Talk... I've spent the last year in hiding and lying. I've been lying and hiding from my closest friends, family, my business but most importantly myself. I was in pain and I wasn't ready to admit it. My heart has been aching for a long time, wanting to connect on a deeper level and from past relationships and from surrounding myself with like minded people, I know it's possible.

Don't you just light up when someone really really "GETS" you? To be understood, becomes a quest. I have practiced good communication in asking for my needs of "acknowledging and validating" to be met, and maybe a little "Way to go", "You're so awesome" some of the time as well. My tolerance of this lack has guided me to a silent dark place that I became apathetic to. I became the person I disliked the most. Behaviors like; nagging, depression, Lying, isolation, giving up my feminine power/energy and thinking that my only escape would be dying in a car crash. Folks... this is NOT me. I mean, really really NOT me. I finally got sick of being sick of myself, pulled up my life coaching pants and started to seek help.

Maybe I need to start up a vitamin regiment again. My wise and wonderful Naturalpath, recommended I see a Medical Intuitive (this title falls short of many of her services and gifts). Our first session, I laid it all out on the table, tears screaming down my face and courage in my heart knowing I am worth more, deserve more and that I need to start speaking my truth again. I had stopped asking for my needs to be met, because it became obvious that those that I have surrounded myself with, don't know how to meet them. No matter how many examples I would give to show what I needed, it just never sunk in, therefore I stopped asking and started tolerating. OK... STOP... Time to start saying out loud what I need and what has been happening inside my soul in the space of tolerance. I started working with my own Life Coach.

The A-ha moment I had working with my Coach was that in the beginning of my relationship with my loving Dutchman, I made a compromise. I gave up my feminine passionate energy, thinking I could make it grow as I grew more in love with this man, and some of the qualities that I had been craving, the fun, adventure, genuine nature, same values, and financial security were enough to make that deal with myself. I remember making that deal in my head; and now looking back I see how my intuition was talking to me the entire time. (I wasn't listening.) I truly believe the creator/universe has been protecting me this entire time. Waiting for me to come to this realization and learn the lessons of standing up for my truth.

A big part of my truth, my authentic self, is that Feminine Passionate energy. I gave it up,locked her up, and Xpected her to grow with no water. Now that I have stepped into my own vulnerability, by me saying it out loud for the world to hear, for him to hear, and for my conscious mind to own it... that IS me reclaiming, rescuing, and re-energizing my Inner Goddess. Below, you can watch day 13 of the Increase your Egg Energy Video Series, I'm now listening to my own words.

It's scary, putting this to print. Part of my practice is taking the leap and trusting that the universe has my back. (Deep down, I know she does.) Most of all I want my clients, friends, colleges and the world to see that I am a Life Coach that walks the talk. Living a Fertilicious life is more than the physical treatments of infertility, it's more than the Mindset as well, it's FEELing, embodying, emot-ing that which is your authentic nature. I know for sure that I was put on this earth to inspire, motivate and guide others to their most Fertilicious Life. I'm so glad I'm on my way home.


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